Dance Cast

DANCERS                                       CHOREOGRAPHERS
Megan Meyering Brinks & Adam Brinks ......................................... Amy Bizigotti
Jenni Johnson & Eli Hoffert ....................................................... Mackenzie Larrance
Melissa Schultz & Joe Baumann .................................................. Hannah Sengelaub
Daniella Bell & Jake Brown ....................................................... Alicia Elmore
Janeen Russell & Paul Singer ...................................................... Bridget Coffey
Kersten Bosscher & Ryan Cicchelli .............................................. Isabel Borgstrom

Renata Olson & Jerry Koop ........................................................ Terry Fetters
Tonya SMith & Dave Cox ............................................................ Richard Dodge
Blair Bryant & Tom O'hare ........................................................ Shannon Mcgrattan

Lindsay Rumohr
Jon Catlin
Tiffany Rice

Carl Kielbasa

Pat Goggin

The rhythm inside me first started back in 1962 when I was in the 6th grade at St. Brigid’s Catholic School for the Deplorable.  In a vain attempt to raise a well-rounded gentleman, my parents enrolled me in a non-refundable, Social Dance Class at the local cotillion.  I-thought-I-was-gunna-die!  That was, until, I was paired with Gayle Badley, t-h-e hottest girl in 7th grade at Northeast Intermediate School.  She was beautiful … and tall … very tall, which was just fine, if you know what I mean.  Little did I know that experience put me on the road to dance with Alicia Elmore, 50 years later, in the 2012 production of DWTYS … which also was just fine.  This epic matchup set the stage for Alicia’s first Judges Choice Award of her DWTYS career.  My reward came in the form of being invited to sit on the prestigious DWTYS Committee.  With just enough theatre production experience to be dangerous, I agreed, and here we are today.  Enjoy the show

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Megan Meyering Brinks

I am a Cadillac native and graduated from Cadillac High School. After high school I graduated from Michigan State University and Worsham College of Mortuary Science.  I am a licensed funeral director at Peterson Funeral and Cremation Services where I love serving the Cadillac area community.

My husband Chris and I have two children, Harper and Chase that we adore and keep our lives full and entertaining. Besides spending time with my family I love horseback riding and running.  We have an ever expanding zoo that Harper and I like to surprise Chris with.

As a preschooler I took one session of ballet and since then I been taking diligent notes at my four year old daughter’s dance classes.  I have no doubt that both experiences will set us up for Dancing with the Y Stars success!


Adam Brinks

Hello everyone!   I was born in Cadillac and never left.  I still work at my first job, Graheks Inc., for my parents.  So that's why my pic looks like I have been worked like a rented mule, because I am.  Here I am an underground aquatic engineer (I install and repair sprinklers), paint and maintain all our equipment, and help build and design people's outdoor landscapes. I am married to my wonderful wife Erin for over 10 years and we just had our first child, Clayton, on Memorial Day.  My dancing career started when my wife dragged me to the Moose through the left over taco meat grease on the floor to Vic Lucas's dance class. To my surprise, we had a lot of fun. Thanks to our good friend Vic, we have something that made us closer and will always be one of our best memories. As a board member of the YMCA, I see the importance of this event firsthand. Whether you vote for our winning team, or all the others that will lose, I personally say THANK YOU for all your support!  Megan and I can't wait to see you at the show!

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Jenni Johnson

My dance career began at the age of 6 or 7. And quickly ended at 6 or 7. It was to be my first dance recital and this little girl was so excited. After the show, and after my mom told me what a wonder job I had done, my dance teacher came back stage and pulled me aside.  She said, "Oh honey, you should have never been on stage!  You looked like you had no idea what you were doing out there.  And you certainly didn't look like you'd been practicing for the past 8 months."  Needless to say this fueled my life-long fear of the stage.  However, my love for community, and the honor of being asked to participate in DWTY, I heard the call and simply had to return to the spotlight.

Just before earning my bachelor's degree in social work I met a boy.  After a whirlwind courtship Josh and I were married and now we have two beautiful children, Tatum and Tanner. Today I am involved in many service groups and volunteer boards.  This recently led me to Samaritas where work as the External Census Development Specialist.


Eli Hoffert

Formal training?  Zero. Friday and Saturday nights under the strobe lights?  Too many to count!

In recent years, I've hung up my dancing shoes in exchange for dirty diapers and attending numerous sports practices.  I'm willing to knock the dust off and bring this dancing machine out of retirement.  I have a vast array of moves I'm ready to bust out to raise money for this great cause!

I was born and raised in Cadillac, and this is where I met my wonderful wife, Kristi.  At home are our small humans: the charming Maveric (9) and cute new addition, Carsyn (1). 

I own and operate Maveric Mechanical and Plumbing.  As the head coach of Lake City Varsity Wrestling and a board member for the Cadillac Wrestling Club, I am an enthusiastic advocate for health and fitness.  I have been a member and supporter of the YMCA for many years - it's a great community!

If I have your vote, I promise to cut some serious rug and shake my tail feather until we raise enough money to send the other dancers home empty-handed!

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Melissa Schultz

I moved to Cadillac MI in 1998 with my husband Curtis and son Chase. Taking a HUGE leap of faith, we left our home in Florida and moved to Cadillac to open a business after only visiting for a week. But that week is all we needed to know we wanted out of the hustle and bustle, and to raise our son “UP North” close to my parents who had moved that same year. We have been active in the community as business owners and committee members ever since!
24 years of marriage finds us enjoying an empty nest now with Chase (21) in his senior year at Alma College.
I have always loved people and taking care of them whether by feeding them, listening and talking with them, sharing financial ideas, helping in anyway and simply protecting them from the risks of everyday life. Now I am the proud owner of Schultz Insurance Agency, a Farm Bureau Insurance Company. I get to takes care and protect people daily. In my spare time I can be found by or on the Lake with family and our friends (of which my dance partner Joe is one) – golfing, traveling and living each moment to the fullest. Faith and family are foremost in my life, and she enjoys being a part of the First Presbyterian Church and singing in the choir.
I love to dance- but am FAR from a professional and just hope to not embarrass my friends and family too much! After all, it is for a great cause so I couldn’t say no – hopefully God provides me a bit of grace.


Joseph Baumann

My friends call me Joe, but you guys can call me Joseph. Clears throat. Now that the formalities are out of the way, while I spend my days as Wolverine’s General Counsel, I am a bit of a showman (but don’t tell the competition). Between the glittery outfits and perfectly timed routine, Melissa and I will be dazzling our audience and will certainly be the standouts in the Cast. My years as a showman on Lansing-area stages are sure to come in handy, as well as… maybe… some pyrotechnics (again, don’t tell anyone). All kidding aside, anyone with two feet really could participate in the competition, so that’s why they invited the rest of the Cast, no doubt you will find Melissa and I to be leaps and bounds over them.  If you’re looking for us at the end of the competition, we’ll be the two holding both available competition trophies, and you can take that to the bank.  That’s the Joseph Baumann Guarantee (for whatever that’s worth).

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Daniella Bell

I have been a part of the Greater Cadillac area community since 1997, helping families become homeowners and businesses grow into new locations as a local, trusted realtor and friend.  I am a 1994 graduate of Michigan State University.  We moved to McBain in 1996 after marrying my high school sweetheart and love of my life, Matt.  I am a proud mother of our one and only, beautiful teenage daughter Michayla.  I enjoy spending time with the family and our extended “famiglia”, my large Italian family that loves to gather whenever possible!  As a young girl, I studied ballet and jazz, in junior high and high school I was a member of the cheerleading & dance team, and while attending Michigan State enjoyed ballroom dancing with a campus group. Daniella is new to Dancing with the Y this year, and is excited to be dancing again!  I feel honored and blessed to have this opportunity to help raise funds for the Cadillac Area YMCA.


Jake Brown

I am a husband and father of three daughters. I am an area Chiropractor and an outdoors enthusiast. I began my College education at Central Michigan University before finishing up and enrolling at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa. I hold both a Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Chiropractic degree. During my 10 years in practice, I have worked in rural farming communities, large cities like Chicago, and multiple suburban communities to engage in a contrast of experience. I am committed to engaging and being involved in the community as much as possible while balancing the dynamic between work and home.

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Janeen Russell

I am a mother, daughter, friend and chocolatier, an avid bicyclist, shower singer, and am adding dancing to my list of specialties.
Most days you can find me at The Sweet Shop, Cadillac’s premier candy shop. However, if you stop in and find that I’m not there – chances are I’m either out in the community enjoying one of my other hobbies (bicycling, skiing, snowboarding, yoga), spending time with my family, or on the road delivering to the many locations that order chocolate from The Sweet Shop.
A challenge does not phase me as I recently biked 450 miles on a tour of Spain, am re-teaching myself how to play the clarinet, remixing all of my favorite songs (quite possibly because I can’t remember the words), and am very excited to take on this next challenge of Dancing with the Y. You might even want to keep your eyes peeled when near the lakes, you might see me out recreating scenes from Dirty Dancing.


Paul Singer

My first trip to Cadillac was back in 2003 and at the time I couldn't imagine that eventually circumstances would bring me to work and live here full time. I have worked as a retirement income planner for Waddell & Reed since 2000, and in that time I met Peg Lutz, who has worked for the same firm since 1999 and lived in Cadillac over 25 years. One thing led to another, she and I got to know each other very well and eventually we married, combined our practices, and I moved up to Cadillac.

Now we live on Lake Mitchel with my 15 year old son and our two cats, and we enjoy biking, paddle boarding, hiking, and trips to M22! Our new Waddell & Reed office will open this month in Downtown Cadillac.

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Kersten Bosscher

Well, this will be different. I never thought of myself as a dancer. But when they asked me to participate I didn’t think twice. In fact, before the conversation was over, I knew exactly what dance I was going to do. I’m so glad my partner Mike agreed and that Hanna, our chorographer, could see my vision.

By profession, I’m a stylist at PoSH Salon. I’ve been snipping locks in the Cadillac area for 10 years and really enjoy what I do. I even worked at the Y for a while as a trainer and group exercise instructor. My friends and family feel that I spend as much time in the gym as I do working. And I’ll have to admit, I’m kind of a fitness freak. Truth be known, I spend more time watching my two wonderful boys playing sports. I’m so proud of them both. They are my pride and joy.

Thank you for coming tonight to see our show.  I’m honored to be a part of DWTYS and helping so many get fit.


Ryan Cicchelli

I grew up in Mesick, which always seemed like big city to me. That was until I was able to really see what there was in the world and the troubles that plagued me, weren’t for me. Growing up in this area, I wasn’t always the one to make the best decisions, so when offered the opportunity to help others who face similar troubles, how could I say no.

I own and operate Keystone Financial Services, and S&R Outdoor Services, and co-own Darkside Tattoos. Being a business owner, I know the value of hard work and dedication, which is just one of the reasons we are going to win this competition.

I am married and have three boys myself, Eli (7), and twin boys, Aiden and Bradly (4). Family and friends are extremely important to me, and I am always willing to go the extra 100 miles to help anyone out, even in the worst situations, I am always the one finding the positive outcome. I have a strong caring passion, and my focus is to give back to the community as much as I can. Being a part of DWTY, for me, is no different and I am proud to say I appreciate being a part of something bigger that involves so many in our community.

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Renata Olson

My claim to fame is a title I wear proudly: “Leif and Seth’s mom”. I reside in Cadillac with my husband Erik, our identical twin boys - who are in the Class of 2018, and two slobbery labs. My other loves include practicing yoga, golfing, and anything that lets my inner artist shine.

As a Charter Member, 3-Year term Board Member and ongoing Lacrosse Board Member at the YMCA; participating in Dancing With the Y Stars offers me one more way to give back to my community. I'm hoping my commitment to the Y - and fact that I said “yes” without actually knowing how to dance will convince the community to step up and help my team win the vote through generous donations!

I also volunteer as a mentor for the Cadillac Connectors Robotics Club - Team 5086, and am Chapter Liaison for the Midwest Michigan Chapter of Michigan Tech Alumni and Friends. By day, I manage proposals and capture new business for AAR Mobility Systems, including products and services for our troops.


Jerry Koop

Married to the best thing that ever happened to me, my wife Patti in 1983. I have 2 daughters, 1 Son 2 Granddaughters and 1 Grandson. I know, I know I don’t look old enough to have grandkids. Born and raised in Wyoming, MI, moved to Hudsonville when we were married and lived there until 1995 when we moved to  Cadillac to take a job at Highpoint Auto as General Manager and have been there ever since. My wife and I have several hobbies golf, golf and golf. I even let my wife beat me at it once in a while. When I was asked to dance for this great cause all I could think was Phil Collins said it best “Cause, I can't dance, I can't talk. The only thing about me is the way I walk. No, I can't dance, I can't sing I'm just standing here selling”

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Tonya Smith

I joined the Cadillac community in February 2015 after accepting the position as President of Munson Healthcare Cadillac Hospital.  I earned my Doctor of Pharmacy, Master of Business Administration, and Master of Science in Healthcare Administration degrees from the University of Maryland.  I have been married to Wayne Smith, my high school sweetheart, for twenty years and we have four wonderful children: Mackenzie (17), Claire (15), Garrett (13) and Lydia (13).  As newer members of the Cadillac community, our family has appreciated all the warm welcomes we received and the many opportunities to be involved.
I was born in Amory, Mississippi, very near the birthplace of Elvis Presley and have great childhood memories of dancing everywhere in the house with my mom and sister.  This tradition has continued with my own children and husband with our “family dance nights” after dinner, where thankfully talent is not required. I am excited to be participating in this year’s Dancing with the Y Stars with a great friend and partner, David Cox.


Dave Cox

Originally from Northeast Wisconsin and a diehard Green Bay Packer fan (a.k.a. Cheesehead), I am the Director of Career and Technical Education for the Wexford-Missaukee Intermediate School District and the Director of the Wexford-Missaukee Career and Technical Center (CTC) in Cadillac. I have been employed in education for 21 years: 2 as a classroom paraprofessional, 4 years as a classroom teacher, and 15 years as an Administrator (Principal, Director of Career and Technical Education). I am a Welder by trade, however, being from Wisconsin, I have been known to Polka at a Wedding or two in my life. I also consider myself to be a semi-professional slow dancer. I am happily married going on 25 years, to my BEA...Utiful wife Julie and I am blessed to have two wonderful children Travis (20) and Ryan (16). I look forward to new challenges in life and am "not scared" to give Dancing with the Y a chance, especially because of my GREAT partner Tonya Smith AND since it is for such a GREAT cause!

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Blair Bryant

I currently teach PE at Franklin Elementary and am the Wellness Director at CAPS! I also coach girls’ basketball and stay pretty active playing softball and exercising with my dog Frank! I have some dance experience such as ballet and tap in kindergarten (back row), swing dance lessons in 6th grade, a required dance class in college, and occasional line dancing on Tuesdays at The Pines (but really I just go for the dollar tacos). So, you could say I've got this pretty much in the bag!


Tom O'hare

I have been a part of the Cadillac Area for more than a decade working at 9&10 News.  I was raised “Back East” in upstate New York where I received my B.S. in Meteorology from SUNY Brockport as well as a minor in economics. Work took me all over Upstate New York before grabbing the opportunity here in Northern Michigan.  When I’m not telling you the weather, typically, I can be found around my house, either outside or working on something.  Right now, I’m in the middle of a home remodel, working the garden and taking down trees. Come this winter you might catch me on my snowmobile!
When I was growing up, music and dance were a big part of my life. I remember the whole family playing in the school band and/or chorus, as well as being a part of high school plays.
While my dance experience is limited to a few years, I can’t wait to have fun on the floor this fall with my dance partner Blair Bryant.

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Dancing has always been a wonderful part of my life. As a young girl in Colombia I spent many hours rehearsing dance numbers and soaking up the culture and movements, which now, I incorporate into my dance routines. My Latin roots have been seen around the community in the several performances that I have done myself, but also with local band musicians.

I am a former educator, which I think, give me the edge needed to win this competition. I apply many of my learned techniques into each task ahead of me. I have been part of the community of Cadillac for over a decade. Friends and family are a huge portion of my life, and my husband and son are my greatest treasures. Being able to participate in Dancing with the Y over the 4 past years has been such a great experience, and humbling at the same time. Each dance couple I help poses new opportunities to stretch me as a choreographer, and this year I expect to be just as great!


Mackenzie Larrance

I am native of Northern Michigan and have been dancing for eighteen years. I graduated Interlochen Arts Academy in 2014 and while there, I performed in Giselle, Swan Lake, and The Nutcracker. In addition, I have performed Martha Graham’s Panorama at the Joyce Theater in New York City and while in Paris I took company class with the Paris Opera Ballet. I currently study at the University of Michigan to earn a BFA as Dance Major with a minor in costume design. I have studied various techniques such as Humphrey Limon, Congolese, improvisation and composition. For the past six years, I have taught regionally and volunteer time to mentor and choreograph for Winter Guards in Michigan and Indiana. I hope to share my knowledge of the arts to Northern Michigan as well as continue to learn. I would like to give a special thanks to my parents and brother who have supported me throughout the years and Chandlar R. Gabara for helping me throughout this process.

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Amy Bizigotti

I have lived in Cadillac for over 25 years, and much of that time has been spent volunteering as a choreographer and director for performance events. After graduation from Interlochen arts academy, I moved to NYC. I have performed in several professional productions and have worked in many aspects of the arts. My preforming career includes, dancer, singer, actress, commercials and dinner theater. I am happy to be a part of this very exciting and worthwhile fundraiser, and wish good luck to all the couples.

Alicia Elmore

I have lived in the Cadillac area for 13 years where I work as a physician at Family Practice of Cadillac. Dance has been an important part of my life since the age of three when I started taking Tap, Jazz, and Ballet lessons and continued for many years. I competed on a dance team called “The Thunderbirds” and then continued my dance training at Hope College. After moving to Cadillac,  I taught ballet/hip hop for a few years but now have turned my time to helping with this event. I have been married to my husband Jason, for 24 years and have three awesome kids, Zach, Anna, and Drew. I love to choreograph and am proud to support the Y in such a fun event.


The Dancing with the Y event is one of my highlights each year! I have participated as a dancer, judge and this is my 3rd year as choreographer. I teaches dance at The Landing Dance Academy and I am Cadillac High School’s Musical Choreographer. In the past you may know me from my baking business, Megan’s Cupcakes. However, I hung up my apron after publishing a cookbook sharing all of the recipes titled, “Adventures of the Chief Cupcake, revealing secrets from the kitchen of Megan’s Cupcakes.”

I graduated from Cadillac High School, and married my high-school sweetheart, David Coffey. After earning a BA from Western Michigan University with a minor in dance, I spent the next 20 years in Metropolitan Detroit and Miami. I am happy to have made Cadillac home again for the last 9 years. I am a mother of two, Tim, a senior at CHS and Megan, her 7th grade dancing daughter. When I am not in the kitchen or dancing, I love to read and seek adventure in the outdoors with my family and black lab Winston.


Hannah Sengelaub

I may be newer to the Cadillac Area, but I’ve quickly made it home sweet home. I can either be found serving up the latest and tastiest craft brews at Clam Lake Beer Company or dancing/teaching my heart out with the little dancers of The Landing Dance Academy. Dancing has and always will continue to be such a huge part of my life. Whether it was studying at Rhythmic Sky Studios in Big Rapids, or performing with local theaters, I had my parents constantly on the run, in their efforts of pursuing my passion. After graduating high school I continued my dance education with NMC's open dance group. There I was exposed to the world of partner dancing, and quickly fell in love with dance all over again. With experience in dance styles such as jazz, tap, contemporary, lyrical, ballet, blues and hip-hop I am over the moon excited to be creating a piece for such a great cause.


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Terry Fetters

I am originally from Ohio, but moved to the Houghton Lake area in 1987 to work for Gordon Foods. In 1996 I became involved in a dance lessons in Midland Michigan. I really enjoyed the lessons, in fact, I enjoyed them so much I sought out more advanced classes which were based in Flint. This is when the Great Lakes Swing Dancing Club became a large part of my life, and now I teach beginner and intermediate lessons. This year, I expect, will be no different than years past for me and I am ready for the Dancing with the Y fun and excitement to begin.













Richard Dodge

I taught my first dance lesson in 1988 at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Tacoma, WA. For the next 8 years, teaching was my full time profession. I worked in a number of different franchised and independent studios across the country; teaching, coaching, and dancing competitively. During this time, I earned teaching certifications in American Style ballroom and Latin dancing; as well as International Standard.

Life brought on family, and a career change. I continued teaching and coaching part time for the next several years. Since moving to Michigan in 2008, my teaching and dancing has become more of a hobby than a profession. I currently reside in Frankfort with my wife Nici and her 2 sons.


Shannon Mcgrattan

After finishing in the top three last season, I am back and ready to choreograph the Dancing with the Y Stars 2017 winning dance!

Whether it be organized or recreational, I love to bust a move. Starting at the age of five, I began taking dance lessons in my hometown of Waltham, MA. During middle school, I performed in my dance studio's annual production of the Nutcracker. Also I performed in an annual Christmas show for a semi-professional theater, the Reagle Players.

From there, I joined the high school's dance team, a stage that landed me in a spot for the Reagle Players' production of 'No, No, Nannette.' At Syracuse University, I continued to showcase my talent by ballet, jazz, hip-hop and tap moves, as a member of DanceWorks. Now, I can hardly contain my excitement to bring a new flavor of dance to Cadillac once again.



Katy Huckle

When asked if I would participate this year with the Dancing with the Y, I had no hesitation in saying, “I would love to help with such a great cause and mission that the Y provides for our community.” Spending time investing in the greater Cadillac Community is what I would consider one of my larges passions, because many wonderful cause’s that are here. When I’m not on stage introducing these lovely dancers, I am four season runner but truth be told snow runs my favorite.  I can also be found in my kitchen cooking or baking while entertaining my family and friends. I am married to Chris and mother to Tommy and Susie. I have been in banking for over 20 years and am proud to have opened an office for Independent Bank in downtown Cadillac. There are many local boards of directors that I have helped on in the past and continue to help to date. A quote I live by is “To whom much is given, much is expected” -Rosemary Kennedy. I work daily to live my faith and help others.  And I have raised my children to do the same.


My wife, Dr. Elizabeth Rzepka-Alto and I reside on Lake Cadillac with our three beautiful children.  Most days I can be found in my residence (aka on my deck) handling day to day activities (aka kickin’ it in my easy chair). I proudly hold the title of ‘Super Dad’, by my four lovely ladies. When I get the chance, which is at least 3 days a week, I take a little ‘ME’ time and enjoy some pickleball at the YMCA or shooting some hoops. This is the second year I have been asked to Emcee the Dance with the Y event, and with such an exquisite co-host and for the great cause, I wouldn’t be in my right mind to say no. I am honored to be a part of something so great. So sit back, kick back, and enjoy the show.
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I began dance training in my hometown of Boise, Idaho, and continued my dance training at Hope College and earned a BA in Dance Performance & Choreography.  I have danced with professional companies such as the Michigan Dance Collective and IDT.  I have been teaching dance for the last 15 years and have been commissioned to teach and choreograph for dance teams, schools and studios across the country. My favorite dance accomplishment is starting The Landing Dance Academy in Cadillac, Michigan with some of the most amazing women I knows.  My Husband, Luke, and I have three beautiful children.


Jon Catlin

I was honored to be asked to be a judge this year and enthusiastically said YES!!! This has quickly established itself as a fun and very entertaining event in our community. However, I know NOTHING about dance. I don’t do it (at least well according to my wife) I don’t watch it (much to the chagrin of my daughter) and I don’t participate as a dancer in this event (even though I have been asked multiple years!) I am happy to sit and watch the toil and tribulations of the dancers and see their finished product after months of hard work and effort. I am an admirer of all the dancers that put their heart and soul into this event.
My only experience with dance is babysitting in the back of the theater during my daughter dance recitals and an ill-fated Ballroom Dancing class that I took with my beautiful wife. Her feet were so sore I don’t think she would every call me light on MY toes when I am so heavy on HER toes.
During the day, I am the Community President for Chemical Bank and an avid volunteer in our community. I have been on a number of boards and committee all striving to make our community even better. The Y is one of the many places that we support and are glad to see so many people utilizing the programs. I am proud to call Cadillac my home since 2005 with my wife, Jenny, a 6th grade teacher in Manton, and my two kids, Sarah, 19 and a sophomore at Calvin College, and Nicholas, 18 and freshman at Michigan Tech.

Tiffany Rice

I am on faculty at the Landing Dance Academy in downtown Cadillac and at Dance Arts Academy in Traverse City.  I recently wed her middle school crush, Evan Rice and we have had our first child. Conveniently, Evan is the son of the prominent Julie Rice who has established herself in the area as an excellent dance instructor. I am hoping to ride Julie’s reputable coat-tails with her newly acquired last name. When I am not teaching or driving, I enjoy drinking coffee, and snuggling our new bundle. Most the time I am grateful for how blessed I am.

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Carl Kielbasa

I became a part of the Cadillac community in 2013 and have enjoyed every moment of living in this amazing place.  Never have I lived in an area as supportive, welcoming and inclusive as the Cadillac area.  So, when asked to dance last year I said yes with enthusiasm and when asked to return this year as a judge I said yes with the same eagerness as before.  This is a great cause and I couldn’t be prouder to be involved.
In my professional life, I have been a financial advisor for the last nine years and recently joined Carroll Retirement Plans and Investments. I believe my experience as a financial advisor gives me the skills to judge a dance competition because… Well let’s face it, being in the financial services industry has zero correlation to dancing, but I promise to make it fun!
My wife Brittany and I live downtown Cadillac and we joke that we have a small in-house farm because we have two cats and two dogs (The cats were her idea). We both love to support our community in any way we can and do so as often as we can.  In closing, good luck dancers and remember I will be watching!

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